Accidentally launched bird site app at lunch and after about 10 minutes of scrolling through that trash fire I realized if I’m spending any time on social media it really should be here.

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@kai how you? Been off all social media since late spring basically.

@zer0her0 I think that sounds really healthy and I wish I could do the same!

I got hit with a wave of motivation so I'm trying to eat better and not slack at the gym.

How are you?

@kai nice. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to start doing my climbing exercises again after a decade+ of being away from climbing.

@zer0her0 I've been at the gym about once per month all summer 😅

I used to look at my accessories and see "5x15" and think "eh, I'll do 3x5" but I kept flunking my lifts so I guess that's not a long term success strategy.

So now I'm doing ALL the reps and I'm absolutely dead 😅 I was so tired last night that I thought I was going to pass out.

But I think I'm recovered enough for bench day. It's a pretty isolated exercise anyway.

@kai I haven’t done a gym workout since college...which is ugh way too long ago already. But I always felt any effort/workout was better then none so never felt too bad about not hitting a specific rep/set goal. So good for you getting there.

@zer0her0 they're not really goals; they're just my program (which I found online and modified to satisfy my limitness need for control 😂 )

as for my GOAL I want to be able to deadlift 1.5x my body weight.

I think I can do it in 9 months through a combination of getting stronger and losing weight 😅

my diet has been horrible for my entire life.

I need to find ways to get a lot of energy from food without reosrting to pizza and fries.

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