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Dude just rolled by in a full length fur coat on a hover board in the middle of July.

Welp, just got a button and closed EVERY tab in safari on iPad...guess that’s one to get out of tab dept...

‪Last day in Maine, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed it these past 2 years. This past We has been near perfect but I do look forward to being back home.‬

@zer0her0 Are you fucking kidding me, one of the dudes just said “oh I don’t drink draft, don’t know who drank that before me”

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Holy fuck there are these 2 douches trying to one up each other on “rare” beers they’ve each had next to me @ the pub & I just want to punch them in the face.

I am seeing more and more PEV (Personal Electric Vehicles) in my city, and it makes me very happy.

PEV being ebikes, escooters, eskateboards.

*sigh* my toe is hurting I think I may have overdid it the last 2 days. Need to ice it and stay off it the rest of the night. 😕

Heh this is the second time that I thought to myself what are the team up to on a weekend and the following monday they drop a new board. Still haven't gotten around to picking up the 3 yet!

Serious question to all the anti people I'm seeing post while the system is down, the system is down (sorry couldn't resit), ahem, anyways what do people use instead?

And just to nip it in the bud: No, IRC is not a solution 1) it's not mobile friendly 2) no voice chat. I know it sucks IRC is dying but it hasn't adjusted w/ the times. :(

Ok was able to walk to lunch. But def proved that it was smart to take the day off.

‪*sigh* so pretty sure I broke my toe when I stubbed it last night. This is going to be annoying. ‬

So finally got my reservation order link, I requested the 11" but the link is still showing a 1366x768 panel? I thought they had upgraded the 11" to have a 1080 panel? Anyone in the now about this?

GM: “As you reach the final cave, you see a giant red-scaled dragon”

Me: *raises hand*

GM sighing “He thinks you’re cute”

Me: *lowers hand*

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Happy pride day in our city. 😁🏳️‍🌈

Ugh, so hungry but have no idea what I want to get for lunch.

Had a dream last night that I was tired and wanted to nap but kept getting interrupted to do stuff around the house.

If that isn't a sign of being old, I don't know what is.

Tonight seems to be a space out to Nirvana & Pearl Jam type of eve.

Also, it's that time of year where I say "I should sit down and learn to program "properly" and make an app."

The last 2 years i've been thinking about making an iOS/iPadOS Mastodon app that is like the webpage, ala tweetdeck look. But then I always get lazy and don't do it.😕 🤷‍♂️

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Watching all these demos being done on the new iPad Pro (and having switched from the 7 to the X style phone this year), really makes me want to upgrade, I liked the old style, but i now recognize how much i like the equal size bezel all around now. Don't think I can justify a new one for another year or two though.

So Apple is trying to bring back the Unix workstation pricing from the 90s huh?

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