I had already been shutting down business pages on Facebook, but now I've finally pulled the plug on my personal account (which I wasn't really using at all anymore). That latest story about sucking teens' data with a VPN just tipped me over.

Goodbye! 👋 (P.S. I'm still on Instagram, but perhaps not for long…)



@jared I’m still not sure how to deal with Instagram, myself 😣 I really like the feel there but … so far I’ve only deleted the app and left my account intact.

@zerok Yeah, it's tough. I mostly follow travel photographers, so it's fun to see pictures from cities and places I like. Trying to build my own photography portfolio as well. But…once Flickr updates and removes its Yahoo login requirements, I'm setting up an account there. Might scratch that photography itch for me. ☺️

@jared same here 😂 I’ve had a Flickr account for nearly 20 years now and renewed my pro account right when I learnt that SmugMug bought them. I’m also resurrecting my nex6 and will probably purchase an A6500 one it hits the local online store 🥳

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