@meena @bandie Ah, I was just about to ask where that was taken ^_^ Just curious, though: Is that the only wall at that station with that pattern? Looks kind of lonely 😞

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@zerok @meena afair the floor inbetween is a bit different.
Some metro stations looking like 70s/80s still.
The DB main station is the worst.

@bandie @zerok my favourite is probably the ones that look like museums!

also coming from the Netherlands by train into Germany is a complete shock

it's like you've come from space into a post apocalyptic fictional Eastern bloc country

@bandie @meena Ah, too bad πŸ˜” Perhaps they will eventually see some love πŸ™‚

@zerok @bandie the Hauptbahnhof in Dortmund is under repair since before i moved here two years ago

@meena @zerok Is is much longer "under repair".
Much much longer. :/

@bandie @meena That reminds me of Toronto's Union Station which should have been finished in 2015 but is not scheduled for late 2018.

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