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Is there a chance to get stickers at this weekend in Brussels? πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

So... the elected government of the UK negotiates a deal with the EU. Now the rest of the parliament doesn't like the outcome and now the EU should accept some new terms without getting anything out of it. Did I get this right?

While Google changing the networking API available to extension developers now that they're working on their own "ad-blocking" comes as no real surprise, it happening so soon dues, though 😩

Finally fixed my $PROMPT and $RPROMPT. I now hate the myself, the world, and everything in it...

I have the suspicion that I might be overdoing that whole β€œuse a notebook” thing again 🧐

Nice article on Wired about Bullet Journals: Especially β€œstopped obsessing about perfection β€œ is pretty hard but I will simply settle on β€œnot completely abhorrent” in my journal πŸ˜‚

The good thing about lying at home being sick? I might actually hit again …

Weird. Turns out that Thunderbird doesn't show me the attachment while the Fastmail web client does...

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Tried to request the advertiser information that generated for my account. Got an email without attachment even-though the website write "8073 audiences from 1205 advertisers"...

I will never understand the whole concept behind a governmental shutdown... Shouldn't there be provisions in place to prevent basic infrastructure like airport security from breaking down just because of budgetary quarrels?

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