I wouldn't call the content warnings on Mastodon a bad decision, but the way they are used is such a bad user experience. Timeline interfaces work best with scrolling, not clicking.

Content warnings are not headlines. Content warnings are not summaries.

Use CWs if you write about a delicate topic or movie spoilers.

Don't make your followers click on every of your petty toots to be able to read them.

By now I think that using CWs the way they were intended and having an option in your client to display them by default are two separate things.

Example: @tootapp has this option, but the way CWs are labelled makes them look like actual sponsored toots.

@zichy Agreed. Unless the CW'd toot has a good explaining summary, I don't click on them, I just scroll right by...

@zichy But also, content warnings are titles and subject lines. You get to choose whether to engage or whether to scroll. And if you scroll by, that's fine!

@trwnh The problem is that there aren't any interfaces or clients which allow to keep CWs open by default.

@zichy @trwnh
Here is a user style for tootsuite (web):

Mastalab has an option in its settings.

@zichy Counterpoint: Content warnings as headlines or summaries are an excellent way to avoid big walls of text and make it easier for me to skim through a busy timeline.

@ghost_bird I think that one shouldn't be forced to click on a toot to read it (if there isn't a contentual reason). It's counterintuitive to the idea of scrolling through timelines.

@zichy I see where you're coming from, but I think the higher character limit (as compared to twitter) changes the experience of scrolling.
And also, Mastodon's a bit slower-paced and less immediate than Twitter. I don't find myself scanning the timeline for breaking news in the way I did over there.

@zichy @ghost_bird You don't have to click on a toot but on the 'show more'? You stay in your timeline but can scroll by a wall of text about a topic you're not interested in?

I find that especially helpful in local timelines but also in my regular timeline. :)

@attero Thanks, I found out that Tootdon has the same feature just now.

@zichy What does "actual sponsored toots" mean considering there is no such thing?

@rixx Oh yeah, it may sound misleading. I meant that it looks like there were sponsored toots.

@zichy Wir brauchen einfach richtige Werbung, um das unterscheiden zu können!

@rixx @zichy Aber die Werbevideos bitte mit Autoplay, damit wir nicht überall einzeln draufdrücken müssen. s.o. ;)

@zichy @marcel When they are abused now, imagine how they are being used with a broader audience on this platform. They should be somehow limited. /cc @Gargron

@saschafiedler I'm not sure if limiting CWs is a good idea (or possible anyway).

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