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zigg @zigg@mastodon.social

Alright. For all the new people. time. I follow a lot of people; I tried to filter a bit by activity and whether I thought they actually want new followers. (Apologies if I got it wrong!)


And of course


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@cassolotl I love having you in my view of the fediverse; I hope other people do too ❤️

@zigg great lists! I think I'm basically just gonna follow them all!

@stefanhayden Awesome! I like my particular view of the fediverse; I hope it works well for you 🙂

@zigg I love putting a lot of work in to sculpting who I surround myself with in social networks. It's so important for a healthy world view.

@stefanhayden Yeah, definitely. And also one's own mental health, at times.

@zigg I'm lucky that I have good mental health and so I try and put up with more so others do not have too.

@seb_ly I hope you enjoy my view of the fediverse as much as I do 😊