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I wonder if I should admit to being a twitter refugee, now that twitter has suspended my account. Twitter has many problems, but you do get to hear those you disagree with. I hope this isn't an echo chamber!

Here's a story that describes what happened:

And here's one that gloats over my suspension:

The rest is upto you :-)

So, @Gargron, have you heard about the Twitter rip off, Tooter, which is on codebase from GAB, which was forked from Mastodon?

What's the nicest thing an absolute stranger has done for or to you?

That there are people who have never heard a Barbra Streisand song but know what the Streisand Effect is is a sort of meta(?) Streisand Effect.

Just checking. When will we be stripping the made-in-China bronze cladding from the Statue of Unity and, I dunno, sending the metal to our munitions factories?

Disappointed that no non-resident desi is making a killing by educating toilet-paper-craving westerners about sanitary faucets (or even simpler, lotas) and raising a billion dollars to make and sell them.

(If you see this and do, please remember me when you hand out a few shares to family and friends.)

Loveliest thing I've read today. Won't give it away, but I think you'll figure out who the writer is talking about before you get to the reveal.

My generation and older would happily greet you with a ✌️
Then, there's the Vulcan.🖖
And of course, appropriate for these times: 🤞
And if you're hitting on the person: 🤟

And good ways to say bye: 🤘 if you're an ageing rocker, or just, you know 🤙

And I found the utterly charming Shaka sign, from Hawaii, which conveys the "Aloha Spirit", a concept of friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity, similar the the previous one, but hand pointed upwards.

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All for the Namaste. But it's not the only non-contact greeting gesture.
There's also:
The Adaab (hand towards face, palm inwards, finger tips almost touching forehead, slight bow), also uniquely south Asian.
The Salaam, with hand on heart.
The more east Asian bow, with or without eye contact.
The salute, in its various forms, from the military versions to the Scout to the ironic and the one-finger.
The Chinese Bao Quan Li (right fist wrapped in left palm, raised and lowered, with nod or bow).

Relief initiatives could include calls for donations or goods and/or cash (or bank transfers), calls for volunteers to help with distribution or related work.
It helps to point to specific publicly viewable tweets or threads or pages on any other site (as opposed to, say, a friends-only Facebook post) that describe the work and say how others can help. Tough for a potential donors to sift through Twitter feeds.

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Started a little site listing relief efforts in Delhi. Please take a look, and do let me know if you know of initiatives I have missed.

I think I wash my hands a civilised number of times a day. But now carrying a hand sanitiser when I go out. I'm not a big one for going out on the town at the best of times, and not terribly social now, so that's no big change. But I did cancel some travel plans.

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What behaviours (if any) have you changed because you're worried about the coronavirus?
Stuff that you would recommend others do too. For instance, washing hands more, using hand sanitsers, avoiding crowds, not going to events, cancelling travel.

To order: click the link to see the list, add to cart whatever you’d like to contribute, click the checkout button, make sure the ‘Gift Registry Address’ is selected. Will show up as ‘Shahreyar, New Delhi, Gift Registry Address’

Due to the shortage of volunteers on site, give your own mobile number for delivery coordination please.

Also for the same reason, please place larger orders (Rs 1500 and above) than many small orders.

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