Journalists on mastodon, raise hands, please? Making a list.
That's across media, and including feature writers, columnists, photo- and video-journalists.

@zigzackly need help. My older one is doing her BA in Journalism from DU

In December she is coming to Lucknow and looking at doing an internship for 10 days in the city (print, TV)

Can you boost this amongst the journo community?

Cc @Calamur

@gautamghosh 10-day internships would be tough to snag, and also mostly useless. Most orgs would want a longer commitment. @Calamur

@gautamghosh Also, non-metro towns would have fewer options. The national / global orgs would at most have small bureaus with a handful of people, so it would be only local publications. @Calamur

@ranjona As long as it's not a 👊 in the nose.
(I have used that one as a fist bump, and was then told it's more like a punch. )

@zigzackly i’m nandini r iyer raising my hand. Also can add thanks

@zigzackly hello. Sci-Comm, wildlife, marine, mainly. Fiction otherwise for children/ adults. Thank you.

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