All for the Namaste. But it's not the only non-contact greeting gesture.
There's also:
The Adaab (hand towards face, palm inwards, finger tips almost touching forehead, slight bow), also uniquely south Asian.
The Salaam, with hand on heart.
The more east Asian bow, with or without eye contact.
The salute, in its various forms, from the military versions to the Scout to the ironic and the one-finger.
The Chinese Bao Quan Li (right fist wrapped in left palm, raised and lowered, with nod or bow).


My generation and older would happily greet you with a ✌️
Then, there's the Vulcan.🖖
And of course, appropriate for these times: 🤞
And if you're hitting on the person: 🤟

And good ways to say bye: 🤘 if you're an ageing rocker, or just, you know 🤙

And I found the utterly charming Shaka sign, from Hawaii, which conveys the "Aloha Spirit", a concept of friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity, similar the the previous one, but hand pointed upwards.

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