dissociation stuff 

@zinnia This was really wild to read about, I've dissociated since about the same age, though in some same ways (things seeming 2D/fake/behind glass, not caring, emotional numbness), some different ways (plural 🎊).

As a trans person who still dissociates to heck, this is definitely a good resource to know about, thankyou! :thumbsup_hmn_b1:

dissociation stuff, sensory overload 

@zinnia I would not wish to assume; but from reading the part on the "noisy spaces -> dissociation attack" pattern (saaame), it may or may not bear fruit to look into Autistic Spectrum related stuff.

I wouldn't wanna armchair dx, and hope this doesn't come across that way! I just experience this pattern a lot, and dissociate frequently in response to sensory overload. ._.

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