hi frens. I'm back, and I've moved to @zkat@toot.cat! I'll be abandoning this account and going to that one instead. Please follow over there!

Doing partial prod builds under controlled conditions for comparison purposes. Cold caches, no shrinkwrap, 3 different package.json in a monorepo-type thing, 1797 dependencies installed, only npm install times shown:

- npm4: 406.01 seconds
- npm5: 60.96 seconds

This is a bit less speedup than what I got excited about yesterday, but still (a bit) more than 6 times faster! 🎆 🍻 ✨

cc @zkat, @zcat@toot.cat

Mental health 

A lot of trans people have mental health issues, but it's not because we're trans. It's largely because of the shit we get from cis people after coming out.

It never seems to end, this constant pressure to continue validating ourselves in the eyes of bigots who can't think of anything aside from what genitals we had at birth. It sucks, and I'm sick of it.

Thanks for the PTSD & bipolar depression, you bigoted assholes.

dissent from standard trans narratives 

@aredridel While I personally do feel that I was always a girl (or at the very least never a boy), I think it's destructive how the "born this way" narrative is used to justify being trans. There are many ways of being trans, but the dysphoria is equally painful. Thank you for sharing a different narrative.

dissent from standard trans narratives 

Requiring that I erase my past, to present a consistent and current identity to the world is a violence.

I have not always been a woman. My being a woman is complicated. My old name was still my name. My time as young man taught me a lot about being a man in our culture. My time as a woman has taught me a lot about it too, and vice versa.

I wonder if it would be useful to have a mastodon-specific port of wealljs.org/code-of-conduct


let all the tech blogs think this is a failure

When you design a CoC for your or instance, remember that you want enough strictness to:

- Kick ESR off if he shows up
- Aggressively ban botters & 4chan
- Shut up the nazi-brigade when they come
- Protect your users from abusive third parties.

I finally got around to making two phone calls I've been procrastinating on for... probably months at this point. Why is simple medical shit so fucking complicated

This is the kind of book programmers at witches.town read.

tech bloggers: mastodon will never go anywhere, federation is confusing and i dont like toots

me: welcome to c y b r e s p a c e be sure to florp someone's ping,

I was feeling pretty bored with the Spring 2017 animu lineup but I've been snooping around and I think I found some gems. I am no longer bored with this season.

I love that the cool kids on Mastodon are the queer anarchist French witches. :heart_eyes:

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