dolly parton is posting memes on the bird website and until mastodon can match that i'm gonna have to spend time over there

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark

Boost for toot. Toot for boost. Trying to prove a point

mastodon feels like when you and your friends get real rowdy at a stranger’s house party

❌ villian's beard
❌ millionaire capitalist
❌ army of developers he commands to move buttons around at random
❌ goes on national TV
❌ hates his users and wants to punish them
❌ fine w/nazis
❌ eats only money

✅ student's glasses
✅ asks only for modest, crowdfunded salary
✅ thoughtfully considers and develops features with his own labor
✅ eschews the spotlight
✅ loves his users and wants to support them
✅ hates nazis
✅ loves borger

fuck a cultivated aesthetic i'm throwin out faves and boosts indiscriminately.

a picture of your favorite rocking chair? fukn boosted.

a toot that's literally just the hammer and sickle emoji? hard fave

"i'm have die a rheea :((((" you best believe i'm boostin that shit

It’s not a twitter ho anymore it’s a cutie tootie

i just want to mark clearly for the previous denizens of mastodon that your eternal september just started now and it's going to be interesting watching what happens

twitter jack: we have developed a new feature that tazes you if you block a brand account

toot jack: i was up all night making you guys a new emoji of pirates kissing

boost this if you're bedtooting, tooting while in bed

can't stop retooting everything vaguely funny, ratio does not exist in this place it is unsullied and pure

the horny reply watchgoose cannot find you here, fellow thirst tooters

hey can everybody link me the porn instances so i can uh preemptively block them? thanks in advance

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