I can't help but feel worthless and empty. It's weird feeling empty buy also fat and ugly. Like I take up more space, but I'm worth even less of it than before. And I am sweaty and gross because of the extra skin.

Talking to my friends just makes me feel worse. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, at this point.

I wish anyone liked me or cared about me. I thought my co-workers would like me, maybe I'd make some friends, but I was so wrong.

Aight who wants to shit on my face in the name of skincare?

I'm in one of the worst situations I've ever had to face and I'm not sure how to proceed.

At least I can admit that it's not entirely my fault, and that I couldn't have foreseen this.

But I can barely sleep. How am I going to get through being alone in a new city without any friends except my ex who just dumped me?

Sorry for boring you my dude, but that's what you got into when you kissed me.

Heglo i'm tired and want my breasts to be gently cradled by a new bra

Compared to Coors, Budweiser is referenced in 30% fewer murders

Y'all tbh I dont want to go to therapy this week but gotta do it doe

Listening to linkin park's "in the end" for the 64895th time

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