hey Preview.app you’re drunk (sys prefs/keyboard/shortcuts/app shortcuts to change these and stop the twitching)

some great decals in Nassau but this guy’s is the best 🇧🇸👏

in the Bahamas, phone conversations always start with “hello, how are you? everything is well?” rather than a name or a reason for the call, which means you can be way into exchanging info about digestive health before either one of you realizes it’s a wrong number

This is a nice circuit for a quick cardio hit with resistance and the plank variations are no joke. I did the intermediate level with two 15lb dumbbells and was in a puddle by the end. 💪 nytimes.com/guides/well/how-to

Updated AccessControlKitty to handle variables inlined inside other variables, and starting the year off right by fixing a classic off-by-one error (XCSourceTextBuffer is a half open range folks. Says it right there in 👏 the 👏 docs 👏 .) github.com/zoejessica/AccessCo

Reminder: when debugging an Xcode sourcekit extension, change up the plugin bundle identifier if you’ve already installed a “finished” version of the app on the same mac, otherwise the plugin will fail to attach (more tips here) zoesmith.io/2018-05-11/accessc

well I’ve had an obnoxious amount of caffeine this am so it’s either stand on a street corner and shout at people or go squat my face off 💪🏋🏻‍♀️

20s: last night a dj saved my life
not my 20s: last night I nearly killed my husband with a slightly underdone meatloaf


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