hi i'm in crunch hell on ~*three*~ projects someone please roll me up in a large warm crepe and tell me it's going to be ok and maybe pat my head a little please and thank you

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@zoequinn *pats head* It will be okay. You can do it. Take small bites. You got this.

@zoequinn I'm super good at making crepes so *fries some up for you*

@zoequinn *offers hugs and headpats* It'll be ok! :3

(Spotify link to a song I sometimes listen to when stressed, Dean Friedman's "Under the Weather" <3 )

@zoequinn *Pats your head* it's gonna be okay! You'll get through this

@zoequinn T_T please make sure to get enough sleep, I've been letting projects sleep deprive me lately and it is such a fast track to feeling like hot garbage

@MOOMANiBE frick i wish i could, i have massive sleep disturbance issues :<

@MOOMANiBE @zoequinn god yes if I have any advice for people it's 'don't try to make an entire album in a month in your spare time on the evenings'

@zoequinn good luck with your projects, and remember to take care of yourself! you can do this ☆ミ

@zoequinn It will be okay! You are awesome and you can do it!

@zoequinn "I've got enough spare time to start something else" - famous last words

@zoequinn I was there a couple months ago but then my game shipped and I'm still here somehow to tell you that you can definitely definitely do it

@zoequinn I say this often, but... It's time to kick bubblegum and chew ass!

@zoequinn *pat pat pat* It'll be okay, just when you're done remember to take the time to cool down just like you'd warm up! Especially with 3 crunchings going on, you don't wanna let the post-release to hit you all at once.

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