github was not happy that i tried to push 11gb of updates to it today but hey I didn't choose the fmv game life, the fmv game life chose me

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@andoowhy i do they're all just small files in high quantities but I wrote a script to deal with it for me lol

@andoowhy if you can't tell I have not hit the optimization stage with this sucker yet

@zoequinn Ah, fair enough. We're stuck with Perforce at work: it's nowhere near as good with code as git is, but everything else it handles really well.

@andoowhy yeah? someone else suggested it today and I was kinda considering it. Wondering how decent the Unity integration is for it, although doing terminal commands makes me feel cool so I might just keep using git because of that

@zoequinn If you have Unity Pro, it's fully integrated, and pretty nice

@zoequinn Although, setting up the server is a giant PITA. There's no decent ready-to-go cloud server hosts, a la github. You'll have to set up a VM and the Perforce server yourself. Plenty of command line wizardry necessary there.

@zoequinn I just discovered but WOW it's expensive

@zoequinn I've heard SVN is a good solution for medium-large binary assets, maybe look into it?

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