tfw a former collaborator opens an old email with secret work stuff in it and you get a MASSIVE ANXIETY SPIKE worrying something shitty might happen even tho you're pretty sure you're being completely irrational

@MOOMANiBE frick i wish i could, i have massive sleep disturbance issues :<

hi i'm in crunch hell on ~*three*~ projects someone please roll me up in a large warm crepe and tell me it's going to be ok and maybe pat my head a little please and thank you

hey that other site is an illegible nightmare and i need to use this one more so hello again

It's gonna be weird only being at gdc for like 3 days but probably also good because I have TOO MANY THINGS TO DO

@theoutrider @Gargron @mkosler w/e it's not like it's any different from my mentions on a normal day tbh. its kind of funny to me that me telling someone to shut up ruins his day while I just kind of casually mute the people screaming about my genitals that he sicced on me like it's the nothing it is.

@Gargron @mkosler on hellbird some liberal dick with a couple hundred thousand followers decided to blame nazis on me telling someone to shut up

it was one of those moments in my life that i wish i could go back and overdub a slide whistle sound effect on it

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this morning someone hugged me and then my pants fell off :(

every time another person joins this and moves away from hellbird I become more powerful

@Zeether it wasnt just anyone it was a pink haired punk girl and he cried about it a lot

awwww I get to help mentor some smol girls learning to code at a summer camp this year :3

i had a dream I cut all my hair off, dyed it blood red, and lived as an extremely handsome and snobby anime prince boy for the rest of my days

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