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oh cool the unity update changed a thing with the way object instantiation works ;~;

sorry for fucking up the tag on that I am new here

anyway, I'm having these stickers made for gdc (could be kind of NWS?/Alcohol) 

it is so hard not to tweet out every ridiculous goddamn thing I make for this game but I know if I do I'm just gonna spoil all the fun stuff before we get there so just pretend I am over here vibrating excitedly

OH GOOD i updated unity and it only broke like half the things

I need a good cowboy nickname cause his full name is Rich “[cowboy name goes here]” Cowfriend

toot at me some good names for a cowboy thanks in advance

god i want a shibe. I want a little shibe puppy that will be raised by both me and my cats so they will be best friends and all four of us can sleep in a pile. I want a friendly, bratty shibe that I can take with me when I travel. I want a shibe that looks like a foxdog and can walk around the neighborhood with and feel less twitchy and alone.

@gamemakingtools yooooo I love that you have a wiki for gamemaking tools this is a great idea

all of the power strips at this coworking place seem to have gone missing but I don't want to bother anyone while they're working so I'm just gonna quietly say some prayers that my battery life holds up until my teammates arrive :X

petition to say "silent but deadly" instead of "subtoot"

well it got dark out but there's a cat on me so i guess i'm just gonna sit here and ruin my eyeballs instead of turning a light on because that's just how Cat Law works

also this site gives me an old BBS vibe in some ways and that makes me SO HAPPY as an aging fone phreaking weirdo

It might sound silly but like, logging onto here and having a good time on social media again was actually kind of a really big band aid I needed right now??? I only even registered this account as soon as the service went up to make sure some nazi didn't take my name and impersonate me, but like, the community actually seems really great and friendly and aaaa

hi i am emotional about social media platforms not making me miserable for the first time in years

god using this site makes me want to make a "toot" button in the game but I'm already looking at making a Dad Rock generator anyway so I should probably chill the fuck out

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