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"Amazon is reportedly developing a doorbell that could give delivery drivers one-time access to your home" theverge.com/2017/10/10/164540

SV, now disrupting: burglary!

@awilfox he killed more kulaks and sent more people to gulag (who usually died) than Hitler sent to concentration camps. Not to mention Stalin attempted to exterminate the Ukranians, and also the Jews at one time by exiling them to Siberia.


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To mitigate the 20 years' extension of copyright span in the Sonny Bono Act of 1998:

> Congress included a provision giving libraries broad latitude to reproduce works that are in the last 20 years of their copyright terms for purposes of scholarship and research. The most significant restriction: the works have to be out of print and not available for a "reasonable price."

And now the Internet Archive is make use of that exemption:

> But until this week, it seems that no one had done this yet—partly because the law is vague and partly because libraries must do some research to verify that a work qualifies for the exemption.

> The Internet Archive is hoping to change that with the Sonny Bono Memorial Collection.

The name is a nice touch.

Things are changing very soon on mst3k.interlinked.me rule-wise.

The proposed rule changes boil down to the following:

* Instances harbouring members of the authoritarian left or right will be blocked

* Users consistently, deliberately, and unapologetically causing distress to others (aside from accidental slip-ups, intent is important here) will be blocked

* Users who advocate extreme violence or armed revolt will be blocked, and instances harbouring too many of these users will also

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antifa is an organisation that perpetrates political violence and performs acts of terrorism.

riseup.net is a bunch of people with an anti-capitalist agenda who want to get people off Facebook. They're like @hannes2peer and @mmn , just bigger and more organized.

If you want to support a network service provider who supports antifa, support mayfirst.org instead.

Two things:

1) There is excellent left-wing criticism of antifa and their methods. I suggest you read it:




Political violence, attacking civilian targets to promote a political agenda and suppress the politics of others, is by definition terrorism.

2) riseup.net is *not* antifa. (also riseuptimes.org linked above is, to my knowledge, not riseup.net)

The direct connection between antifa and riseup.net is a meme mainly coming from one article by two kekistani alt-right guys, who present some flimsy evidence for it.

Even that Counterpunch article by Anthony DiMaggio got it wrong initially, so your confusion and the confusion of that steemit post is understandable.

riseup.net is an anarchist (Bakunin sense) and therefore anti-capitalist collective that provides anonymous and/or decentralized services to left-wing activists as an alternative to corporate network services. It is a fact that many antifa people use their services, and it's possible that riseup.net agrees with that use, or otherwise that it would be riseup.net's best interest to take a stance against such groups to clarify things, but I see no statements on the riseup.net site to indicate that they endorse political violence.

I'm sure there are antifa people on quitter.se and social.umeahackerspace.se too, that doesn't mean those servers and their admins support political violence.

Now, if you want to bring up a similar example of a network service provider that actually officially supports antifa tactics and therefore political violence, that would be mayfirst.org who express explicit support for Autonome Antifa Freiburg, autonome-antifa.org , who advocate e.g. violence against the police.

So, given that the NSA exists, and can be considered to have hypervisor root to all US clouds, and that some extremely *motivated* forces on the US far right with access to the White House would love to have the NSA's capability (as yet they don't - but I expect eventually they'll get that)...

... the world is in the position of actual Nazis and just plain ruthless people having at least read access to *all* corporate clouds.

Expect this. Understand it. Imagine what it means.


The leading hypothesis is that primate brains grow so big because of social interactions. The adaptive advantage of modeling the minds of others is to get ahead in the social game.

We are able to write poetry and fly to space because we hail from a line of 100 000 generations of conniving, scheming cool clique high school kids.

TFW you find out that your public library card works with the college / university system.

TFW searching on Google for "Activity Pub Getting Started" leads to a list of articles on how to start a restaurant.

While stalking a #haramböcek, I happened upon our flour bug nest. They were living inside a not-yet-opened pack of linguine, which they had partially ground to flour. I did not know they would do that -- fascinating!

There was a small leak in the package, too small for me to see, but I could see its effect: a small pile of flour had poured out onto the shelf and 4-5 of the buggers were in it. Inside the package I could see maybe a dozen at a glance.

They haven't been a nuisance. I have seen maybe 1-2 of them in the mixing bowl in the same cabinet every 1-2 days. But I have been wondering a bit where they were coming from, double-checked the flour bag and the plastic bag around it a few times, and it feels good to have this minor mystery resolved.

Thanks, roachie!

YouTube makes it so you can't link to your Patreon unless you show YouTube's ads twitter.com/InnuendoStudios/st

Something something I told you about other people controlling your distributions channel something something

Lockheed Martin unveiled their plan for a Martian space station and reusable lander, which assumes the Orion capsule ferrying astronauts to/from Earth.

Good Shit.

lockheedmartin.com/us/ssc/mars mastodon.social/media/GJulvmbs

Arguing over grammar is such a phenomenal waste of time.
Bug: not easy to find GNU social source and support from official site: https://git.gnu.io/gnu/gnu-social/issues/294
@1iceloops123 there will never be an official SPC Discord as it's centralized and proprietary. It may be used unofficially for some projects as needed, however.
@zordon Matrix is actually better in many ways and future projects will probably use it.

Not to discount the value of an open, decentralized network -- that's really really important -- but I think one underappreciated positive feature of Mastodon is its open API, which allows anyone to write Mastodon apps.

I began losing interest FAST when Birdsite stopped allowing third-party clients to access all its features (eg polls). That won't be a problem with Mastodon.

There is a new !postActiv bounties page available here: https://www.postactiv.com/bounties/index.html

To commemorate this, the first of what will likely be a few bounties for new federation methods has an abstract on this page - a federation module for Zot federation. A 150$ bounty is offered via paypal for it's completion if a working module is tendered though keep in mind it might be a bit before its tendered since I'd need to ensure it is indeed working. Further details are available on the bounty page.