Happy Birthday dear #Fediverse sorry to be a day late ;-) but we celebrated yesterday https://l-p-d.org/. Almost grown up now with 11 🎂 wayback.archive.org/web/201306…
Encrypted Server Name Indication for TLS 1.3 sounds like a very good idea.


Some great news about good old : GS's active development resumed last summer :)

Details :

Thank you and good night 🤯:

»The brain starts to eat itself when it can’t sleep: After a period of chronic sleeplessness the […] cells go into overdrive, to the extent that they may do harm to the brain. Think of it as frantic housekeeping, when the brain throws out the dishes along with the stains.«


GPG and S/MIME spoofing attacks: Out of 20/22 tested email clients only Mailfence and Horde/IMP with a clean sheet.


"Things got weird for stablecoin Tether"


It was not *exactly* insolvent, but it certainly made itself practically illiquid and possibly insolvent, depending on whether you think the almost-bank in Panama had the actual money BitFinex paid to Tether's account in exchange for money in a real Bahamas bank, when the purpose for the exchange of money was that BitFinex could get their money out of the Panama almost-bank.

Either way, it definitely went into fractional-banking territory rather than dollar-backed gold standard simile when it opened a line of credit to BitFinex.

Can someone make a poll for @kaniini ?

You know you're really gassy if your contacts suggest / nominate you for Fartin' Friday ( #FF ).
#Sheffield is launching it's free wifi service.  I remember talking about delivering this to people at the beginning of the century. Where communities would own their infrastructure and deliver it. Own their own data and manage how it is used. 

Move forward 20 years and it's happening, except being delivered by a private company, and I worry about the survelliance. I guess that it's part of turning the city "smart".

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SAFE Network Dev Update - October 18, 2018

- First Crust NAT traversal test completed. Next stage soon.

- 's Dug Campbell going to for the Web3 Summit
: meetup. Any interest?

- Malice detection work continues

- New articles published on Medium

- SAFE and - discussions around moving to RDF/Linked Data


i mean, if you're writing an AP-federating blog, that's cool, but it's not like we couldn't do all this stuff before.
Interactive RSS

> Maybe RSS could have been extended somehow so that friends subscribed to the same channel could syndicate their thoughts about an article to each other.


I wish someone would have done that already back in 2009, it could have changed everything! 😉

life 'success' (or fun, or whatever you want to call it) is mostly about creating chances. if you never go out, you'll never meet anyone. if you never send out those job applications, you'll never get a job. it's still all a lottery, but you can decide how many tickets you buy.
"Apple Can Delete Purchased Movies From Your Library Without Telling You"

This has been the case since iTunes began, also with music, and yet they're pushing it as some sort of new revelation... 
Happy birthday to me!

It's my birthday, and the first e-mail I read says:

Dear Piner,

Thank you for your interest in the Pinebook.
[ . . . ]
To place your order, go to www.pine64.org/pinebook-order

Yaay! This is like when I got a Linux patch for the IdeaPad display for Christmas. 😀

@ajroach42 And, "move fast, break things" became a mindset, so people stopped targeting low-end old devices, they focused on the latest and greatest.

*This* is why performance is so shit nowadays.

In 1992, people targeted old low-end hardware.

In 2018, you're lucky if people target something other than the new MacBook Pro that they're developing it on, and their new iPad.

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