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Zordon (@lnxw48a1) @zordon

Here's the DNC's lawyer arguing that it can favor particular candidates in presidential primaries, because it enjoys the same right of free association as any other incorporated entity.

Keep this in mind when you make donations, and otherwise are tempted to think of political parties as vehicles for advancing some shared set of civic values and policy beliefs.

jampac.us/wp-content/uploads/2 mastodon.social/media/uYO50IJk

I should get to work on the illegitimate of @question@oracle.skilledtests.com ... instead of Markov Dostoyevsky, I can name him .

About three years ago, I was in when tornado sirens went off. Never having seen a tornado, I went outside, but it was not near us.

told me that he also went outside when his weather radio sounded an alert about a tornado in his area. Fortunately, it was not near them.

@thrrgilag I tried one other client: Tensor. I'd say that is too slow-moving for most users. I much prefer .

I should point out that I only use the clients, not the web version of Riot.

Irrelevant for most people, but for those interested, the <ostatus:conversation /> Atom tag is in master now

Remember when the government was pressuring Apple to create a hidden backdoor in iOS because they could be trusted to keep it secret and not leak it? Well recently a whole trove of 'secret' government hacking and surveillance tools were leaked, and computers all over the world (including critical systems at hospitals) are being hacked.

Backdoors for the government means, in the fullness of time, backdoors for everybody.


#privacy #security #windows #cybersecurity

so @djsundog just linked me to distbin.com/ which is a distributed half pastebin / half social network that uses activitypub! it's super interesting -- especially the fact that it has a public feed.

you can read more about it here on the activitypub repo: github.com/w3c/activitypub/blo

@clacke I would not get excited over results from . Results are consistently better than what I experience in real INET use. I suspect that ISPs quietly prioritize traffic to & from Speedtest.net's servers to make themselves look better.

When human children play tag, they're practicing being hunters/prey like how puppies, kittens, and other animals play.

@ChristianD I do both. I also use it just as a way to find a post when I come back later.

@staticsafe It might be the automatic 'toot' retrieval. Maybe reload the page from time to time so that older notices are purged from the browser (they'll load if/when you scroll down to see them).

But I'm not an expert, so I could be wrong about it.

I want my federated server software to be designed for single user mode, and still able to scale, but each user is sandboxes and have no tighter connection than to users on other servers. #crazyidea #federation

Torrenting 1.2.1 and 016.01 across ... this should be interesting, whether successful or not.

Been a while since I've took a look at this.

Currently this node is aware of 1029 nodes from the following platforms:

Friendica (333)
diaspora (226)
redmatrix (23)
hubzilla (132)
BlaBlaNet (9)
GNU Social (177)
StatusNet (17)
Mastodon (112)

I believe this is the first time I've had more ~friendica nodes than diaspora.
And welcome to the federation Mastodon.

@zatnosk At least, from the side, the followbots from smaller instances need to continue subbing to you until a local user subscribes, or conversations with you are broken.

Well, they are still fragmented because of an unimplemented feature in , but once that is fixed, they'll still need to follow until GS implements Masto-style convo retrieval.