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Zordon (@lnxw48a1) @zordon

Five pieces of mail.

Two are for people who are no longer at this address.
One is an ad.
One is a bill.
And one is something I'm looking forward to finally receiving.

The US Postal Service: Much noise, low signal.

@dthompson @clacke

I thought of this (in a much less developed form) a few years ago. That's when I started playing with and , but this doesn't get at the priveleged ports issue.

It really is botheracious that this restriction still exists when there are better ways available. I hope the someone implements author's vision.

In The Manhut #coding. Plan on hitting it hard and long today. The Mrs is with her Mom and I didn't get much done this week. #newLife

@Gargron I cannot fault people in the olden days who believed earth was flat. But once you know it isn't, the evidence is everywhere, from hills and mountains to the oceans.

@acw >$6 per load? I hope they are large capacity machines.

This has a little laundry room. I went to check it out. Really small loads, $2.25 per load. I can get 2.5 times as much laundry in one machine at my normal for $5.00 per load. And the dryer is cheaper while also being bigger.

I used to use the scrollwheel to go up or down within a column. It stopped working a while ago. on 64-bit

@arturovm Nothing wrong with that, especially when accompanied by fitness and health goals.

number one goal in life: to have a good butt

Wishing -meleon was more up to date. A Windows-using friend asked about Gecko-based browsers and all I could name were and (and Goanna-based ).

Hello fediverse, I'm pretty new here.

Funny how excited I get about the #interoperability, that you can interact with people using other software, when the web and email have had this for literally decades, and plenty of other things like #XMPP too.

I find #federation really interesting. I've noticed that it's not working perfectly around here, at least on the instance I'm on. Old posts of one of my followees only show up after I've searched for the URL. Hints are welcome!

Holy crap you guys, #ETH + #ETC are now at higher trade volumes than #BTC, and ETH is at > 50% market cap of BTC.


@clacke I hadn't seen that in over 4 years. When I last saw Ur and Ur/Web, they seemed abandoned, but now it looks like there's more activity.

> The Ur/Web compiler also produces very efficient object code that does not use garbage collection.


The gossip on #lobsters says it's a fully functional language and the way it does not-gc is it guesses how much memory you'll need, allocates some pages once, runs, then dies. If it runs out of memory it tries again from the start with twice the memory.

Reminds me of those people who turned of gc in Python and just periodically died instead, making sure not to run gc on death.

And that makes me think of https://www.varnish-cache.org/docs/trunk/phk/notes.html .
Half of the time when I think I found a new interesting person to talk to, it turns out to be @dtluna, @xj9 or @moonman who changed avatar and display name *again*.

I'm willing to take ownership of any mastodon instance if some admin cannot continue or doesn't feel like it. (like, for free and without too many changes)

Excluding single user instances ofc, but I think if it's an open one users should come first anyway, and admins should have a proper way out without telling everyone to leave.