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> The bridge that fell near Florida International University was put in place using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods, and there is a school at the university dedicated to advancing those techniques.


Before even opening for use, the pedestrian bridge instead accelerated into the eight car lanes below, killing four people. :'(

It's done! The prototype SNES/SFC RGB cable is done! It also looks great! (Screenshots via OBS displaying a native 240p image scaled to 720p via software. No filters, etc.) nulled.red/media/v4aO3fx8Ko2w0 nulled.red/media/HjgWIzROuG5ij nulled.red/media/XOI5fjbY0u9ZB

Dear #LazyWeb:

I need to find a zero-price program for #Win10 that can act as a little "public address" system. Basically, they've got a room, a cheap computer, a microphone, and speakers; they have no budget (nor do I), and they expect me to do some magic.

Further: I won't be on-site when they do this, so I have to show a non-techie how to use it.

If your org’s site is blocked anywhere in the world, if you're calling out injustices, sharing suppressed resources, or want to provide better privacy and security, creating a .onion version of your site should be your next step. blog.torproject.org/news-orgs- twitter.com/torproject/status/ source: twitter.com/torproject/status/

Time for an opinion question (and please, no arguing in the comments, I just want to solicit some opinions):

Do you think that Apple's iPad Pro + Apple Pencil (and whatever Samsung's equivalent is/will be) will eclipse Wacom and similar "graphics tablet" products?

Web designers need to know of this exchange between my parents:

Father: Ah - they've updated their web site!

Mother: Oh no.

Father: It looks good ...

Mother: Can you find the things we need?

... (long pause) ...

Father: No ...

I wrote about the 2010 rise and fall of Google Wave, and lessons we can learn from their attempt to roll up email and chat and wikis into a single federated tool: jamey.thesharps.us/2018/02/16/

@boneidol Maybe you just needed to have your first subscriber from here.

CC: @lnxw48a1 @aqeel @Tobias

@zordon I agree.

has opened up a whole world for me in terms of thinking about patronage models. A follower-proportional patronage model, for instance, might allow one to support creators who are more or less niche/popular, with more money being given to the smaller producers and dynamically scaled back as they gain greater prominence.

A base take of only 1¢ per week, per supporter scales very nicely once supporters are in the system.

It seems that those who work on desktop environments and supporting software can't win. Whatever they do, there's always a large group of people shouting at them.

An interesting story/article describing how much information can be obtained through very basic traffic analysis of a "smart" home's IoT devices:


Someone with more experience could derive far more information.

#privacy #security #iot #metadata #iwillnotspendtimeinyoursmarthome

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Big news: it's my birthday, and I've gone indie! Available to consult, coach, and train, centered on your code in your team space. Primarily NY metro area. More info: schmonz.com/2018/02/09/back-to

#Agile #XP #Scrum #TDD #CI #Dev #DevOps #ModernAgile #Coaching