I really like the chewy gem and how easy it was to get started with elasticsearch, but everyone's telling me it sucks so now I dunno, this is depressing


@Gargron I don't know about the chewy gem, but I hear people babbling until love droplets fall from the sky about how wonderful is.

@zordon I've been digging your replies to @Gargron but the context (the original post that you're replying to) of the reply doesn't seem to get attached to your post. 😥

@zordon Wat! Yes-ish: with the second link my issue is that I only got to see this view:
mastodon.social/@zordon/994458 The post that you were responding to isn't shown. But I think that in the full, desktop interface the original post is shown. 🤔
/cc @Gargron @lnxw48a1

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