Question one: WHY do apps have the ability to grab the clipboard at any time even when you're not PASTING from it?

Question two: How long has this been going on? I'm sure we've all copy/pasted a password at some point.

Question three: ARRRRGGRRFGHH!!

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This is infuriating. The clipboard should be a protected area. Apps should NOT be able to touch it without either asking permission or when THE USER initiates a paste.

This is common sense security shit. Both Apple and Google should be ashamed.

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@zorinlynx The frustrating thing is - Android 10 locked down background clipboard access, and didn't add a new permission to allow it!

So foreground access is still universally allowed, and legitimate background access (e.g. clipboard managers, KDE Connect's awesome desktop/phone clipboard sync) have no official way of access without becoming the active keyboard.

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