My personal definition of "in the cloud" is that it's running or stored on a server whose location you do not know and cannot easily find out.

If you know where it is, it's a "hosted server", not the cloud.
If you can touch it, it's "in your server room", not the cloud.

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I'm bringing this up after reading more stuff talking about "your personal cloud" or "can be hosted on your on-site cloud" NO THAT'S NOT THE CLOUD YOU NITWITS.

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@zorinlynx i feel like using "the cloud" to refer to any general-purpose managed infrastructure is probably a better semantic distinction

i.e. purpose-built "private clouds" which are just task-specific data centres makes no sense

but the idea of like... servers as a general-purpose commodity is the line I draw for the use of the term

@zorinlynx "cloud" stands as one of the most persistent IT-grifter buzzwords IT has ever been party to

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