I will definitely restore and get this PC going properly someday. Someday.

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Interesting story... at one point in 1995 or so I got a Gravis Ultrasound, and ALMOST sold my Sound Blaster Pro.

Then I realized that the GUS wasn't perfect; it had issues in some games. Ended up keeping both cards and using them both for years.


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The Sound Blaster Pro 2 is the most compatible and authentic sound card you can have when playing 90s DOS games. It was the standard. Even the SB16, SB[AWE]32 and such were not as perfect.

My GUS is gone, and I don't miss it as much as I'd miss this CT1600.

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@zorinlynx some games only worked well with the SB Pro or a compatible. Jill of the Jungle is one such game. You'll know you're incompatible when MIDI works, but SFX are really slow due to sampling rate incompatibility.

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