Back in 1995 I sent an online friend a photo of a ferret plush "using" my computer.

And she sent me back the same thing.

Back then you had to take a photo on film, get it developed, and physically mail it. So this meant a lot more than it would now.


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I rediscovered the second photo recently; had forgotten about it completely. I've shared the first one before but had forgotten the context around it.

I'm all happy to remember this now. :)

@zorinlynx back then, 800x600 was fine

and Netscape was pretty awesome

and that 2500 on top of the computer could probably erase a floppy every time it rang ;o)

@zorinlynx imagine that taking photos used to cost money, film rolls were limited, and you didn't really know how it'd turn out until you had it developed (unless you had a Polaroid camera).

And polaroid film was SO expansive (at least here) that we saved even trash photos... Art!

@Jessica @zorinlynx Looks like windows 3.1 on the left, Macintosh on the right.
@zorinlynx @Jessica ah yeah i already thought something was off. You were early to the linux party.
@zorinlynx This is cute. But I am really concerned about the brightness settings in the second picture.

@tn5421 She used a flash which washed out the screen. I didn't for my photo. :)

> Back in 1995 I sent an online friend

Wow, that must have been one of the very first online friends.

@ChaosSkeleton I know right? I kept my setup so clean and neat back then. These days I have less time to be meticulous (though it is merely cluttered, not dirty or anything)

@zorinlynx @gardevoir whoa, nostalgia trip- I used a desk identical to that for my entire teenagerhood, a hand-me-down from my father when he swapped it out for a larger desk in his office

@kistaro @gardevoir I'm amazed at how many people have that desk. Whenever I post a photo of it I get at least a few responses from different people saying they had one.

I guess being cheap and sold at Office Depot meant it sold a LOT.

@zorinlynx Wow, Netscape 1.0 and a Mac Performa. Good times, good times.

@zorinlynx That's adorable! A mac user and a PC user finding kinship online!

@saramg Hee, we found more than that. Sadly it didn't last, but it ended on good terms. :)

@zorinlynx Aw... Then I'm happy, sad, then happy again for you.

@zorinlynx uggh so cute :clockworkheart:

I can't believe it's been so long ago, it still feels like 1995 was a couple of years ago.

@zorinlynx Did everyone have that desk?😆 I had that keyboard as well, it was awesome.

@zorinlynx omg i'm minorly freaking out because we clearly had the same cheapo desk! mine had a ton of scratches too! :D

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