Anyone else think that in times of national crisis, legitimate media sources should drop their freaking paywalls so they don't lose viewers to conspiracy-pushing right-wing sites that don't have such paywalls?

I mean, leave it up for the sports section if you want, but c'mon!

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Several papers dropped their paywalls for covid-19 related information; this should apply for the election-related and terrorism news too.

I see where you are coming from, but why should companies renounce legitimate business especially in a time where their high(er) quality products should be valued more only because there are some people who rather read a cheap garbage news site than pay one penny for reliable quality?
I understand that some people got got used to (perceived) free products and it is difficult to turn this trend around, nut feeding this expectation might not be a solution

@zorinlynx I agree there, we need access to the actual news.

Maybe regulation can be used to, ensure facebook et al pay their taxes which could be fund legitimate media sources, removing the need for pay walls.

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