The drone they landed on Mars is expected to fly "five times."

I bet it will fly over a hundred times, after which JPL will continue to vastly underestimate the durability of their equipment because it makes them look so good. :)

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Some other examples:

MRO (2005): Service life 5 years, actual life 16 years and counting.
Opportunity Rover (2003): Service life 90 days, actual life 15 years.
Sojourner Rover (1997): Service life 7 days, actual life 85 days.

Oh yeah, Curiosity (2011) was expected to last two years and is still going.

They really know how to build shit.

@zorinlynx the 90 days for the MER were the goalposts to declare the mission successful. I guess it was expected for them to last longer. Not 14 years though 🙄

@zorinlynx I think in this case the limiting factor is the battery, the drone cannot charge itself once it's detached.

But yeah, maybe 10 times? 😅

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