I have a tiny "Removable media museum" in my office at work.

Left to right:

- Tandon 8" floppy drive+media (1970s)
- Sony DRU-500A, first optical drive to write both DVD+R and -R (2003)
- HP 6020, first affordable consumer CD recorder (1995)
- IOMega Zip 100 (1994)

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The Zip 100 is the rare SCSI internal version. Most internal Zip drives were IDE.

The Sony drive is in a Firewire enclosure. Not too useful today.

Other than the 8" floppy drive, this stuff got "museumed" by accident. I realized they were slightly significant.

@zorinlynx I wonder if the 8" disk that's wedged between the floppy drive and the DRU-500A still reads

At least you have the drive that might read it! I just have a stack of 8" floppies ;o)

I wonder if that 8" drive has a head loading mechanism. It seems to be too thin to need one (i.e., it has DC spindle motor that can be stopped by the drive).

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