Abandoned in place here we see an (Avaya branded) Lucent Orinoco AP-1000. These were among the first commercial Wifi access points.

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The AP itself was just a bridge and you'd insert a PCMCIA WiFi card into it. It supported two cards for more bandwidth. This particular one has an external antenna attached.

Think I'll leave it there as an on the wall museum piece. :)

Another interesting tidbit: The first Apple AirPort base station (around 1999) was based on the Lucent AP-1000 and used these same cards. In fact, they'd show up in the Lucent software, though enough firmware changes were made that you couldn't configure them with it.

Additionally I just noticed that whoever labelled this AP used a 9-track tape label. Notice how it's curved? It's meant to go on a tape reel that looks kinda like this.

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