Whenever I see a really bad animated TV show and criticize it, and someone inevitably says "It's for kids, not you!" my next thought is always, "Well don't kids deserve better?"

Seriously, don't excuse something being garbage just because it's for kids.

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@zorinlynx Occasionally the "it's for kids" defense is fair. Like, the plot twist is incredibly obvious? Maybe, but if you haven't learned that this-setup means this-payoff, it isn't, and you have to learn that somewhere. Or the dialogue is repetitive? Maybe, but kids like repetition and it seems to be good for them. But I suppose that's likely not the kind of bad you're addressing here.

@Austin_Dern @zorinlynx I don't remember who said this, but the best kids' movies are also enjoyable by adults as well.

@faoluin @zorinlynx Oh yes, as a rule they are. We never stop liking good stories, after all.

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