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I know the original He-Man was not... the best animated production in the entire universe... but..

It means a lot to people who grew up in the 80s, and I'm glad it's being treated well.

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I also liked the focus on Teela and Evil-Lyn. People were bitching about there being less He-Man than there should, but WE GOT PLENTY OF HIM IN THE ORIGINAL, and other characters deserve a chance to shine too.


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The funniest thing though? Tri-Klops' techno cult. You just KNEW that with Skeletor out of the way, his moron henchmen would choose a leader and be even MORE stupid than before.

Such horrible puns and misuse of technology terms!

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Masters of the Universe Revelation spoilers 


I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I was a huge He-Man fan as a kid, and this is the first reincarnation that actually feels like it's a direct successor.


ProTip: If your server has processes running on it that started in a year starting with "201x" you should probably run security updates. :)

HP Designjets are such touchy printers.

"Reseat LC cartridge"

Okay! *I reseat it*

"ERROR! Must use menu system when reseating cartridge!" (paraphrased)

I thought he was going to do something cute, but he ended up doing nothing.

So here's a video of Lynxie just being pretty for 60 seconds.

GTA V logic:

- Run over fifty pedestrians on the way to do a mission: No problem.
- Accidentally kick a dog: EXTREME GUILT.

I noticed a weird glow out the window, so I went outside and looked to the west. Whoah.

Damnit, I've only had these about 3.5 years, and I don't even use them that much.

They sell replacement cushions, but seriously why the hell do they degrade so quickly?


Rather than calling for more lockdowns, mask mandates, restrictions, we should be putting that effort into GETTING PEOPLE VACCINATED.


Stop wasting time with temporary band-aids and TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO GET VACCINATED.

Oh look, July 23rd.

That's FluffMUCK's birthday! I never forget the date because we used to do a little annual party thing in the park on the MUCK in the early days.

26 years ago. Hey could you slow down time a bit? It's going too fast. :/

Note that I've been insanely happy with my Hue bulbs. They go years between having any issues, and they're always correctable with a power cycle.

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I just had to reboot a light bulb that was acting odd since a power flicker earlier today.

We live in such amusing times.

I don't mind having to occasionally terminate cat5. It's such a chill activity.

It's "for Windows 10". Crap, that means it's going to be obsolete in a couple of months.

Seriously, I think MS was planning to make Windows 10 eternal at some point. Then they changed their mind. Otherwise why label a product this way?

I never thought I'd praise Microsoft, but I really like my bloo controller I got. It's so flexible.

It can do:

- Microsoft's own proprietary wireless to a USB dongle (or console)
- Standard Bluetooth
- USB-C, wired with no batteries.

And it works on PCs, Macs and iOS devices.

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