This is a day after he threw a tantrum because he doesn’t understand the concept of a rough cut and told me that a video I made was “a total mess” while simultaneously admitting that he hadn’t watched it.

Today my boss, a doctor, told me, a literal professional videographer, that I could find the “aperture settings” under A in my camera. I want you all to know that I managed to restrain myself from strangling him or bursting out in laughter.

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i'm gonna drag this meat husk kicking and screaming into being hot

This is your daily update on screaming into the void: conditions fair, crushing feeling of doom holding steady, glimmers of hope for the future are moving closer though.

I can confirm that after a rough day at work coming home to a fluffy cat is A+

(Also she attacked my computer when she heard my bosses voice coming out of it, so my cats got my back.)

Cricket thought she was being very sneaky this morning.

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I just... want to go to sleep and be wrapped up like a lil’ burrito.


I have to work till seven.

I’m excited to bake the bread because then we can have the best snack: homemade hummus on a slice of fresh bread.

I made homemade hummus today and god damn it’s good.

David’s Bridal is a very specific circle of hell. I had to go get shoes there and they had a DJ blasting music in what felt like a gutted DSW while 20 women and possibly their entire extended families were consumed by endless aisles of white dresses.

After effects is working for a full three minutes before it crashes without a error code and I am not here for its nonsense today.

12 year olds are a unstoppable font of chaotic energy, take it from me, a former camp counselor.

A close follow up is “Wow that joint is open!!!” (With a lot of enthusiasm.)

Worrying things I’ve heard in this clinic today: (in a very firm voice to a patient.) No escaping! You can’t run through the parking lot!

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