What should be the shortcut for redo?

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@PorrurenGrabatokia ah so that was you! great bug reports btw, already fixed a lot of them. did a similar poll on twitter and got same result, so I guess we're going with ctrl-shift-z for this

@zrythm Okay! Yes, I have been testing, using and reporting a lot about Zrythm. It's great!

BTW, there seems to be no way to sign up on Redmine, to have non-anonymous reports, or am I wrong?

And I'm the same asking about making tutorials, that's on way

@PorrurenGrabatokia i disabled signups because of spam, pm me your email and a username pls and i'll sign you up

Thanks for offering to make tutorials!

@zrythm Ctrl-Shift-Z makes more sense, as shift is also used in other cases for the opposite action (for example shift-tab is highlighting the previous item).

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