only a couple of days since Muse acquisition, already adds telemetry (Universal Analytics), disguised as "anonymous analytics and crash reports" meh audacity has always been terrible, if that makes it usable so what

i would recommend any other audio editor, even without this terrible addition

thanks for the info!
this is a f**king nogo, users must realize now to directly support their #FOSS coders financialy, otherwhise we loose our freedom very soon...#audacity is dead for me.

@pocketvj don't worry, this is free software, someone can maintain a fork if they go through with it. and if you use a 100% free distro your maintainers already remove malware like this for you, like the great people at parabola:

@unfa @zrythm
you are right :)
its always freaking me out that everyone is feeding the tech giants with telemetry and no one cares with the argument they have nothing to hide.

its like saying: we dont need freedom of speech because i do not have to say anything.


This is sad :-(

Now someone has patch it remove those privacy invasive stuff.

@redstarfish it's a tedious job but someone has to do it. if you use a 100% free distro, the maintainers already do this work for you

@zrythm There is ton of free software with basic opt-in Telemetry, from VLC to KDE and nobody bats an eye.

What needs to happen now is people need to fork it, NOW. There is no time to lose here.

Fork it and keep it forked.

It finally makes sense why they were putting off visual improvements. They w

@zrythm this is very sad. The thing is I liked audacity and really like musescore, but I had a warning light turned on for a long them about the muse group, this just makes me more suspicions about their intentions.

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