@malin Sorry, just woke up. Hope I'm not too late! 😝

@bigzaphod I got this both before and after updating to the most recent beta. 😬

@tk Oh awesome! What time/slot are you presenting in? I'm Tuesday right before lunch! πŸ™ƒ

In other news, we released episode 9 of @socast today! You can check it out here: itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/9-

In attempt to get the editing out of the way before travelling, I'm currently exporting next week's episode (ep
10), and it's accidentally quite long! Looking at 130 mins.

Heading straight from Uni to the airport tomorrow, so it's bound to be a good day. Getting pretty excited for now. πŸ˜„

9: Bar Analogy

We discuss whether git repositories belong in Dropbox, when the next iPhone will be announced, and alternatives to Twitter.


Hoping the iMac Pro gets an update. I'm pretty sure Kai will end up buying one. 😝 mastodon.social/media/9JUzQfvB

@corduroy I agree. But the people are here, and not really over there. πŸ˜•

I just finished recording the 10th episode of @socast with @kaidombrowski and @zs!

I'm really enjoying this πŸ˜„

That was quite the recording. This should be a fun one πŸ˜€

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