As much as I appreciate DApps browsers on mobile, we need proper DApps support on regular mobile browsers. Eg. a functional MetaMask extension - that needs extensions support in browsers too. Firefox has it, but MetaMask looks and works sad in it. We could have Steem & more too.

Also, sign up to earn PRE tokens while you search - I got a referral link for you, so you can get your quiz reward delivered:

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Swath was meant to be Swash. The thing with blockchain and/or IPFS based services is that what you put there, stays there. No edits, just amendments. Be mindful.

Playing around more with whatever Web3 has to offer. Peepeth is the next step in microblogging. Use Presearch for your search needs, but get paid in tokens. With Swath, privacy set to maximum, earn some tokens for just browsing, and trading minimum information. Use MetaMask too.

That wonderful aurora photo up there was shot in Lofoten, Norway, and published on by Chris-Håvard Berge (

It is all coming together, moving into the decentralized and/or federated social networks. You can find me now on , the microblogging network running on , as well as a handful of networks, but I rebuilt my account from scratch too.

Velem is csak pár napja jött szembe ez a klip, pedig Susanne Sundfør zenéjét nagyon szeretem, de valahogy elsiklott mellettem.
Ahogy az is, amihez készült. Lene Marie Fossen fotóit se ismertem eddig. Nem tudtam róla semmit. Pedig csodás ember lehetett. Ahogy csodásak a képei is. És nehezek.
Ahogy az anorexiája is nehéz teher volt.

Lene Marie Fossen: élt 33 évet, abból 23-at anorexiával.

@fedilab I just don't seem to be able to add Pixelfed, what is worse, the app crashes afterwards, and my Mastodon account quits too. I'm using the Play version.

In my attempt to leave the Zuckerverse, I will be using Pixelfed instead of Instagram. All my posts here will be reposted by my Mastodon account. Welcome to the Fediverse! #pixelfed #fediverse #leaveinstagram #leavezuckerverse

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