Why is the the Start button for a third-party Windows XP theme

Firstly, it’s not change for the sake of change, says every company who’s ever randomly rebranded. We paid a lot of money to get this weird sans-serif commissioned, for instance.

Midtown Atlanta, bringing you the kind of worldbuilding you’d expect to see in GTA or a Saints Row.

I keep looking at this manual for some new furniture and reading “covfefe”.

You can always tell when a bug report has taken a lot out of me. 😣

Meanwhile, right below it is an article summarizing a Sunday politics talk show where a member of the US cabinet thumps his chest and screams "YELLOW MAN BAD" at the top of his lungs.

‪I swear, my news feed right now is “It’s Not the Chinese Economy, Tim: It’s the Notch” literally right next to “Man Loses 200 Social Credit for Selling Both Kidneys to Buy iPhone XR Instead“‬

I… I think the new episode of All Stars on iTunes wrote their closed captions using some shareware app?


(Extremely iOS developer voice) Why should I care about my gobs of shared mutable state when wantonly wasting resources is so much easier

Golly, do I dislike the persistent floating button pattern. I WANTED TO TAP THE THING BEHIND IT

it’s tragically easy to imagine better tech

‪I’m reminded every so often that Lyft makes me happy when I use it.‬

‪- Focuses on positive feedback, not prompting me to come up with negatives‬
‪- Humane design that is informative but not creepy‬
‪- Doesn’t track me after I stop using it‬
‪- Copywriting that is goofy but not smarmy‬

Not only do I have the regular oh-lord-I-do-not-remember-how-to-type panic returning from vacation, I'm on a new project after 3 years. Consulting is still weird and fun. gph.is/2RHvZ7x

‪PAC-MAN designer: What are your favorite fruits, in order?‬

‪Their friend Bill: cherries‬

‪B: strawberries‬

‪B: uhh... oranges‬

‪B (stammering): … pretzels?‬

‪At a dealership rn and 👏horny👏for👏touchscreen👏CarPlay👏‬

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