My family, without any prior warning, assigned my birthday this year a unicorn theme. All other things being equal, we made a good time of it. 🦄 🎈

I pushed a Docker container today.

I’m a devops professional now

“Our impression is that many developers never understood it was happening; in many cases, changes to third-party JavaScript embedded on websites introduced link decoration without web developers’ knowledge.” Yikes.

Me: Oh my goodness, it’s the incredibly rare temparate Atlanta day. I think I have to open my windows and enjoy it!

Leaf blowers: Think again, jackass.

We cancel and un-cancel so many people on a — not daily, hourly — over shreds of information no more or less substantive than single lines of throwaway quotation in a blog from god-knows-where and I’m just so exhausted by all of it. I can’t keep up.

Things normal people do a few glasses of wine in: Watch Netflix, laugh, DT their friends
Things I do: Theorycraft the API design of a Slack client I have no intent of actually making

What if Netflix remade 1985’s seminal Clue, and it was multi-path like Bandersnatch, but didn’t give the viewer the choice and seamlessly randomized the path? 📽😈

PA: “Unfortunately, a passenger traveling with us has a peanut allergy, so we will not serving peanuts on this flight.”
Guy in preboarding lane, wasting zero time: “Ugh. Just leave ‘em.”

Met a gate agent named Siri at SAV International. Spelling exact. A delight. She politely declined a photo.

Surprised it’s a meme again that sideloading is the only path forward because competition-handwave-free-markets-blah-freedom without any discussion on how to handle scammers, social engineering, and outright malware. Normal consumers deserve better than, “Fuck you, got mine.”

Wild how much more compelling a stance can be when it isn’t written with the diction of a slighted 15-year-old in the MacRumors comments section.

Indie devs looking to project all their complaints onto this should find a more “indie” horse to back. 🙃

“Look at us, we’re basically paupers! Father could only afford to buy one podcast network this year!”

I was excited to hear about “Everyday Carry” as a class of product because it sounded like something I’d like, but then dismayed as it turned out to mostly be dudes who are into non-regulation camo patterns and hiding knives everywhere.

“This can’t be used for real web dev, it doesn’t use annotations like Spring!”

Me, flatly, doing my best Gene Wilder: Oh gosh. The humanity. Oh golly. How dare they. Who can save us from this

The Warren proposal is compelling, but encapsulates how unprepared government is to handle omnivorous data collection. G and FB will argue theirs is one big inseparable mass, probably more cogently but with more yelling than US v. Microsoft.

Exclusive photo of me having any complex thought over the past month.

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