Golly, do I dislike the persistent floating button pattern. I WANTED TO TAP THE THING BEHIND IT

@zw The designer probably had only one or two table rows in their mock. The developer was too lazy to bring it up. The product owner had a deadline they promised to the stakeholders.

@kaishin I mean, yeah, all of those things. But given that it's Google, who feels the need to ram their shitty design system and its glaring faults down my throat _on a different OS_, it's easy to feel miffed.

@zw This makes me respect the effort Microsoft is putting into their iOS apps even more. Being the underdog is good.

@zw One of my pet peeves (not quite the same thing thing but close): A header that scrolls off the top as you scroll it away, but jumps back as soon as you scroll even a single pixel the other way. And then slowly scrolls away.

Sometimes I was scrolling back to see the line that just went off, and now I feel like I'm wrestling a dragon to read it.

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