My family, without any prior warning, assigned my birthday this year a unicorn theme. All other things being equal, we made a good time of it. 🦄 🎈

Met a gate agent named Siri at SAV International. Spelling exact. A delight. She politely declined a photo.

Exclusive photo of me having any complex thought over the past month.

Volume buttons for the TV on the lockscreen is lovely. Everything there is working so much better in this beta!

These all smell exactly like these concepts, which is unsettling.

“Microsoft Security Essentials’ power over WannaCry ought to worry the rest of us” Clickbait morons.

Better late than never! Who needs a new TV? (Or a remote, now?) 😁😁😁

Do you think they realize the "F" in "FAQ" means someone has to have asked the question, ever?

This headline and photo have a really threatening energy.

Please enjoy these incredible fake 5 stars reviews I found on Amazon, all for the same USB-C wall charger from China. My personal favorite is review no. 2, but it /is/ apparently a perfect fit for 4 lb. Yorkies.

I think I will only ever have this status set on GitHub.

Why is the the Start button for a third-party Windows XP theme

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