(throaty voice) La boîte d'amour. For her pleasure.

Set the MMS settings YOURSELF like some FUCKIGN CAVEMAN

"Your phone isn’t built with Fi’s technology to seamlessly switch between networks…"

Love to spend a week straight inhaling bronchodilator steroids, guess I’ll die

Wow, you can give anxiety over inevitable data loss or leak as a gift now. Technology is incredible.

Love to tell boutique "agency" designers how to do the bare minimum of their job for 3+ years

I've struck spam gold in my inbox. "Hi, victim." 😹

Sublime Text's latest update is going for a minimalist, doesn't-show-any-of-the-text-in-the-document aesthetic. Neat!

Developers, who brought you such great ideas like horse armor and loot boxes, now have something to say


I shall now drink from my special new mug labeled “Nilay Patel’s salty tears”

tfw when you accidentally make a recent Nine Inch Nails single

Me: I don't know how Slack could feel any slower.

Slack: Don't worry, fam. We got you.

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