Maybe it’s just me, but no romance options sounds like a serious misunderstanding of the present-day RPG player 🙃

Some angry Tumblr user with bangs who probably steals bones: How DARE YOU create a Mastodon account! That WRETCHED HIVE lets PEDOS run FREE!

Me: …

Me: …

Me: You do know what website you’re _already on_, right?

All your “hm, interesting 🤔” quote tweet says is that fake news as fine as long as it’s targeted at the edgy liberal set, and also that you sometimes think you’d look cool in dreads.

Good lord, stop encouraging flatly incorrect fake-woke Vice articles with vapid premises like “Colonialism Is Literally The Only Reason Web Browsers Exist” or “The NRA Is Actually About Queer Liberation”

What instances are good for setting up an alt/AD type account?

Over-valued tech website: We’re the second coming of Christ, here to to champion free speech and Change The World!!!1!

Same website: The NSFW content is all going away precisely at the stroke of midnight

Same website, again: Policing Nazis is, just, like, supes hard, you know?

Good point from @cidney asking about Tumblr alternatives.

As far as I know, there are no current open federated alternatives to Tumblr?

If there isn't, does anyone know if there's one being worked on?


The real shame of it all is, well, shame. I’m a consenting adult. I want to be able to look at legal content, of my choice, from independent artists and sources, without feeling like I’m entering the Red Light District of my own damn phone.

Tumblr users managed to find a way to blame the App Store CP thing in zero time flat. *rubs temples* Policing CP is table stakes for a platform. It’s literally international law.

I would write, "Tumblr should be ashamed of themselves" but also the sky is blue, water is wet

(throaty voice) La boîte d'amour. For her pleasure.

I feel sorry for anyone of poor mental health f’ing gaslights by saying you’ve never contacted tech support over an issue you’ve battled for months. It’s sad that giving customers the runaround must be cheaper than fixing your network,

Set the MMS settings YOURSELF like some FUCKIGN CAVEMAN

"Your phone isn’t built with Fi’s technology to seamlessly switch between networks…"

Love to spend a week straight inhaling bronchodilator steroids, guess I’ll die

Wow, you can give anxiety over inevitable data loss or leak as a gift now. Technology is incredible.

@bigzaphod This week I’m giving thanks for not being on Twitter and having to deal with constant directionless complaining without tying to make anything better. Cheers!

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