@redalemeden FWIW, Podman 2.0 worked with Homebrew to obviate any of the QEMU setup. Its first-time setup now looks almost exactly like the Colima setup you describe: `podman machine init -v /Some/Directory/On/Mac:/Some/Directory/In/VM`. I find its compatibility with the Docker CLI a little better.

I feel like the thing Twitter isn't getting that Mastodon does is... I don't want to go onto social media to have trial by idea combat. I want to talk about hobbies and technology and share dumb memes and relax. Musk is throwing a tantrum about people leaving because they don't like "free speech", but he doesn't understand what social media is supposed to be or why people like being on it.

I reference this essay a lot:

“To become occupied by a social network is to internalize its gaze. It is to forever carry a doubled view of both your own mind and the platform’s.”


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