My favorite thing about computer vision attack vectors is all the attacks have a Looney Tunes energy like how far are we away from people painting tunnels on walls lmaoo

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@zwangseinweisung This is probably the only fun at work they get. Let them have it.

@zwangseinweisung whilst investigating how to make a temporary road sign to warn about ducks in the yard outside by office, I discovered it is trivial to buy whole road signs no questions asked, or to get the digital files for official UK road signs (the govt even puts them on their website, for use in road safety training materials)

@zwangseinweisung Can you stop a parked Tesla from driving by placing no-entry signs around? ⛔ That would make a nice prank 😄

@t0k @zwangseinweisung It may have been patched, but some self-driving car was trapped in a parking space with white chalk. It wouldn't "drive onto the shoulder."

@zwangseinweisung and then a very flat person walks away, birds circling their head

@zwangseinweisung so, AI has plateaued again? And we need to wait for 20 years in dissolution and frustration again before there's another evolutionary AI cycle that "will change everything"?

@zwangseinweisung I regularly have to show my customers this ( to explain to them why our quality verification vision systems cannot do something.

@zwangseinweisung someone found an infinite money exploit for cities: Make self driving cars misread the speed limit sign, install a speed trap behind!

@zwangseinweisung (the missing link is probably to give everyone in the city a tesla)

@zwangseinweisung This is like when people put a self-driving car into a circle of lines on the road and it just got stuck forever

We all grew up understanding that cars are a weapon with wheels. So…

Who wants to be driven in an #automaticWeapon?

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