it's my pleasure to announce the release of EmuTOS 1.0.1.

Compared to EmuTOS 1.0 there was only one change to fix a bug: On an Atari Falcon with 4 MB RAM, when using the 512k ROM version of EmuTOS, a Nova graphics card was erroneously detected. This caused a panic during boot, preventing the use of the 512k ROM version of EmuTOS 1.0 on such a machine.

Here is someone who wtb a


Does any of you know someone who owns a Firebee, and wants to sell it?


A day in the life of a 5200 owner:

"Hey can I try out your 5200?"

"Sure, give me 30 minutes to get everything setup"

[rips open controllers, takes eraser to contacts, re-glues makeshift tinfoil circles]

"There, all set up!

whats that new nvme crap all about? does the "n" means new? back in 1990 our beloved and already had a vme bus

Keine Ahnung wie lange mein gerahmter, kaputter TT in der Ecke stand aber jetzt hab ich den endlich mal aufgegangen

diving into opkg package manager and how to make packages for


It's been a long time since I had made wallpaper ! So her a new one about the game "Astérix and the Magic Carpet" ("Asterix Chez Rahazade" in french) from Coktel Vision released in 1987 on the Atari ST !


Following on from my Random Friday Atari shelf photo is another pointless tweet about the Atari TT030 monitor plinth. I found the A1 Tech drawing and took a photo just for laughs!

These well aged Mega STe keyboard and optical wheelmouse fit perfectly together :)

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