you know the game where someone starts it off like "what's a clock" and then someone else gives an obvious wrong answer like "a loose cloth garment worn over everything else to protect you from the weather" and then person 3 says "no, that's a cloak, a clock is a fictional semaphore system used to send messages long distances on the Discworld" and after that everyone corrects the previous person and gives another wrong punny answer

what is the name of that game

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@zwol didn't know the game and i loved it. don't know the name though :)

@acb @zwol That’s interesting, I never made the connection between this game and Mornington Crescent but there are parallels. They do feel different to me; they use different kinds of wordplay.

@zwol I can't find any way to search for even examples of this, it's infuriating me!! I've seen it used many times on Reddit, and love it. -- The keywords/meta-description uses words that are too common to search for. I want to reply with the correct answer, so that I can acknowledge your great clacks reference!! GNU Pterry.

@zwol of course I found it immediately after! Search for - "no, you're thinking of" - to find a bunch of references, and a dedicated subreddit.

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