I haven't done any work on Firefox in years now, but I still get emails from their bug tracker from time to time, and sometimes I load up the bug tracker to remind myself what that ages-old bug was about. Today I saw this banner.

Posting fake bugs will get you banned, sure, makes sense.
Posting fake bugs *as part of coursework*?!
Who wrote that assignment and why did they think that was a good idea.

more or less what happened last night during a replay (Katamari Damacy, meme)

Here is the graph that should have been included in the article "Here's the Price of Bacon Every Year Since 1940" <southernliving.com/meat/bacon/>.

sorry for no image description i have to run to a meeting

guess which game i've been playing a bit too much of lately:

I’m pleased to see some new landscaping going in on this hillside. All summer it’s been a wasteland of construction debris and dying knotweed (knotweed is invasive in this area, they hit it with herbicides back in April)

If anyone needs a picture to illustrate the dictionary definition of a kludge, I got you covered.

Relatedly, I can’t quite believe his tiny thing holds a terabyte.

Ain’t no rule that the hard drives have to be inside the case

for f*cks sake, The GIMP, what was wrong with your old toolbox icons? these are completely illegible, I had to go icon by icon hovering over each one to find the one I wanted

Spring flowers
also why do people insist on mowing the grass, it looks much better when it’s allowed to grow tall and scruffy like this

I think they should replace the parking spaces at the left (where the pickup truck is) with a spiral staircase and public elevator. That’d be the simplest fix. Redesigning the garage entrance would be a lot messier, unfortunately.

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I could go up this staircase (also new, leads to the shiny new business school building) but it’s such a huge detour I might as well have gotten off the bus at Morewood instead of Neville

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The crossing under the bridge to the CIC garage still isn’t real pedestrian friendly though

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