computer shit and unhelpful staff 

@monorail Heh. My uncle is an economist for a huge bank. He asked me to explain bitcoin to him, um, about five years ago. I got to the bit about it being intentionally deflationary and he cut me off and said β€œnope, no longer interested.”

If anyone needs a picture to illustrate the dictionary definition of a kludge, I got you covered.

computer shit and unhelpful staff 

Sexualizing people without their consent is a major issue on hereβ€”it's led people to stop posting pictures, to lock their accounts, and done serious emotional damage to my friends. Overfamiliarity with parasocial relationships is some twitter shit we don't need, and it hurts people. It's sexual harassment and it shouldn't be swept under the rug. We shouldn't pretend that other humans on the internet are characters or "personalities."

@Mainebot well, I guess what I'm saying is I figure bots nowadays are at least 10% as good at trolling as a person, and so I think you could pull it off for any one community with fewer than 10 bots (trained specifically for that community). so then it's a question of how many impressionable communities you got

@Mainebot we know it is possible to do this with one (1) human troll, so,

@monorail as an ex-chemist I am extremely here for riffing on the NFPA diamond

@monorail reminds me of the fnords in _Illuminatus!_ ... I haven’t seen much of any overlap between SCP fiction and Discordia, which seems odd, it’s very much in the same vein... maybe a generational thing

lengthy, activist media training advice 

Two flash clips, a flash emulator, a flash programmer, surface mount soldered test points, oscilloscope probes, cat5 crossover cable, and both a TTL serial adapter as well as an RS232 serial adapter with null modem & genderchanger. Finally got my emacs setup just how I like it.

Hello!! here's some of my artwork as a lil introduction to mastodon! I'm a scottish illustrator currently studying for my degree in Illustration and i'm basically a pink blob πŸ’— I'm excited to share and see lots of artwork on here!

Women: I was gonna get some pens anyway, but these ones are in some fun colours so I'll get them instead of the boring blue ones~


@haloedrain (it occurs to me this is kinda the plot of the Farpoint Station episode if you delete Q from it)

@haloedrain "Captain's Log, Stardate 21413.2. The Enterprise has been assigned to investigate a reported terrorist bombing in the city of Midgar and provide disaster relief. Representatives of the Shinra Electric Power Company, owner of the bombed facility, have been completely uncooperative. Both Commander Data and Lieutenant Worf are convinced they are hiding something."

@ninjawedding @impiaaa so the trick is to build just barely enough of a C-only compiler that you can use it to build and install the C library, and then you can build a full-featured compiler. The process is not very well documented anywhere, because once you have one full-featured toolchain you can just keep using that to rebuild new iterations of everything, so nobody ever needs to do it very often.

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