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Dubious achievement unlock: my research has been noticed by a company that thinks blockchains are somehow going to make VPNs better. And they like using β€œquantum” as a buzzword. Not sure how to react, currently thinking best not to engage.

@eurasierboy Is keyword muting on the roadmap for Amaroq? Thanks in advance.

All the nice toots I am reading on my TL about risc-v ISA is pushing me to take a look at it. Where do I start? Is there an cheap raspberry-pi like board I can buy that has a processor implementing the risc-v ISA?

I understand why my keyboard is held together with many screws. What I don’t know is why it was necessary to design it with so many different TYPES of screws.

I wrote a book. Please buy it. 

why do cishet white brodudebros tangentally related to tech hate codes of conduct so much

it is literally just a piece of paper saying 'stop being a dick you're scaring away people who can do what you do better without being a dick'

Polite request to journalists: if you're writing about a study, *please* provide a link to it somewhere in the article, or at least give its title.

Over on birdsite, @callin_bull has an idea for discouraging people from treating correlation as causation: rotate your scatter plots 45 degrees. Not yet tested (they plan to) but I like it in principle.

The thing I am most excited about with the Librem Key is its integration with Heads to make detecting tampering easy. It's something that doesn't exist anywhere else and in this deep dive post I explain the technical details.

pretty good: Witchcraft and magic in modern settings, "the magic came back" storylines
extremely my shit: Witchcraft and magic being married with modern science and mathematics. mutating herbs with radiation sources to advance the study of herbology. augmenting the crystal ball with bayesian methods. precursors to bags of holding being regulated like yellowcake

abuse, uspol, obliquely discussed (-) 

boost this post and i'll give you a prime number

You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

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