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just posting my venmo if anyone is in a generous mood, i basically work for free and live off of what i can earn otherwise. I'm partially disabled and it sucks.

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they say zyla will you ever stop tooting cute animals



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i should be around tomorrow but i love you all! woot toot

i still love all of you i just havent had any time to post :(

i have no idea whats going on around here and if im following anyone thats now found to be problematic please DM me

for the love of god dont reply to this where people can see it and cause a fucking chain reaction of drama

lol im super mega depressed
good times!!!

tentacles are so much better than arms and hands its not fair

feeling super lonely lately it sucks

anyone got any ideas

someday soon ill have time i swear! everyones been so busy!!

i didnt sleep yet thats a mistake oh shiiiiiit

do you think the international masseuse organization should be called Big Rub

is anyone a masseuse i need like a dozen of them

im so tired

but it doesnt matter

i gotta be there

lol mic dicta, the second best named legal podcast after i drop the first episode of legislator perry

thanks for your support in these trying times

a life protip: dont get hit by a car, it does real bad things to the human body

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