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The average lifespan of a civilization is 336 years. via @LukaKemp@twitter.com & @BBC@BBC@twitter.comps://t.co/qmnFDyPr1U

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Do octopus dream? They do have something similar to REM. And they do change colour while they are asleep. So maybe they really do dream. (Vid via Instagram OctoNation)

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Life before Go-Pro: Dan Merkel shooting footage with a 35mm camera in a waterproof housing (atop an inflateable 'surf mattress'), back in 1977. surfer.com/blogs/eos/life-befo

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delighted, we're archived on nts.live/shows/sendspaace/epis w/ - hands free playlisting sorting cheers @jamie_desktop@twitter.com @sendspaace@twitter.com @NTSlive@twitter.com

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turn it up - tonite's @sendspaace@twitter.com episode collaborative by @farmersmanual_@twitter.com + @jamie_desktop@twitter.com

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A few notes from a desert marked by stark contrasts between heat and chill, adoration and dread, escape and extraction (by @deziluzija@twitter.com and @zzkt@twitter.com) medium.com/@foam/dust-and-shad

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Forest supercomputers, computational landscape architecture, and WiFi’s passage through trees—“landscapes sown specifically for their electromagnetic-propagation effects.” bldgblog.com/2019/02/computati

antibodies, The World Bank, desertification, Zinc ore & nitrites.

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lack of exposure to the toxic economic-damper effects, Highbrow Despicables, clog dancing, hallucinogens & children playing with tigers.

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depraved indifference, climate change, lots of terrifying gore, Pants & immaterial and affective labor.

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e.g. Scottish Rite Temple (Lincoln, Nebraska), The 5th Wave (comic strip), WYCR, Manzhouli railway station & Megarynchus

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accidentally wrote a Latour Litanizer (ht @ibogost@twitter.com) for emacs. github.com/zzkt/litanizer

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This week the Smithsonian Museum unveiled a portrait of Henrietta Lacks whose cells were taken from her body without her knowledge or consent and used to produce the world’s first immortal cell line. The cells continue to be used extensively for medical research and development.

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We're looking for interesting writings, quotes or short excerpts about attunement. Is there anything you would suggest for the next Dust & Shadow reader? fo.am/blog/2018/11/07/open-cal

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2019... whatever it may bring, best wishes from all of us at at FoAM! flic.kr/s/aHskPSme8u

“Corn is not a _food_.
Corn is a _platform_.”
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You live in a society whose every production industry is based around a government-subsidized chemical feedstock.

Corn is not a _food_.
Corn is a _platform_.

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