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What you call darkness is not what a cat calls darkness, not what an owl calls darkness. Your reality is yours alone and only cousin to the reality of other creatures. Think of all the self-contained worlds and alien landscapes that prowl and glide just beyond your dark windows.

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Our autumn digest has just been published. this time it's "economic experiments, citizen science games, artistic explorations and speculative forays into animist territories" from the @_foam@twitter.com outposts. tinyletter.com/_foam/letters/f

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Word of the day: "xanthophylls" - the class of pigments responsible for the yellows in both autumn leaves & egg-yolks. Xanthophylls are present year-round, but as chlorophyll breaks down each fall, many-splendoured yellows – gold, ochre, lemon, amber – are disclosed by decay.

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Word of the day: "snarge" - specifically, the residue of feather and tissue left when a bird collides with an aeroplane; more broadly, "the sum total of all dead or decaying tissue" left by impact between vehicle & creature.

See: aeon.co/essays/what-roadkill-s

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