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I have a high number of retries in Sidekiq, all of them have error "ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (given 0, expected 1)", and task is Pubsubhubbub::DeliveryWorker.

Anyone had/has this problem? Thanks!

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Admins, far across the mastoverse!
You can add your servers support venues to this thread, to make it easier for users and other admins to find your info!

If you are an Instance Admin we also have a category for you to connect with other Admins. This is to serve as a complement and/or replacement to the admin discord channel/matrix, as well as the mailing list.

If you want a sub-category for your server or connected servers (white-lists etc.) you can reply to this post, what have you:

Instance admins have their own discussion board, which we are hoping to expand.

Hopefully we can move away from Discord in this regard. Just drop in and leave us feedback on how you’d like to use it.


Back to Apache (till further notice), cause the #streaming issues with #Nginx are not yet solved. So if any one has the solution please enlighten me (and anyone else) at #admintalk #adminneedhelp

Does anyone have any experience running more than one instance on the same server? I can't seem to get nginx configured properly: the original instance ( works the way it should but the new instance ( doesn't resolve to anything whatsoever. I have a config file for each in the sites_enabled directory.

Who has data on who much resources (storage, memory, processing, bandwidth) #Mastodon needs when an instance starts scaling up in terms of active users?

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@JF Sometimes it can take a while to fill . Sorry for the super late reply.
I don't know if you've managed to figure this out. @hypirlink

For future reference can be useful to use.
I'm gonna drop this conversation by some other instance owners, and see if they can help you better than I.

/ @maloki

Hey! Anybody got any advice about customising an instance's design? I think there's a custom stylesheet now - anybody have experience of using it? Does it completely overwrite all styles, or only the ones you specify?
For changing logos and favicons - I suppose you can overwrite the images in public/assets, but they'll be lost on an upgrade. Is there a better way?
Cheers! #Mastodon #MastodonAdmin #AdminNeedHelp

@skk Looks like the smartest way to deal with this given what is technically available. Not sure it is enough to be EU/French law compliant (LCEN - though, for admins operating instances hosted in those countries.

cc @vincib @Calimaq @Support

#AdminNeedHelp "upstream prematurely closed connection while reading upstream", nginx reports while connecting to puma, sometimes. 😕

@chris_y There is. You can search for hashes in the search box and it will find stuff. Unfortunately, that search only gets run on the local instance, you don't always get results.

But sometimes hashes can get help people find your toots. When I have problem setting up my server, I ask #AdminNeedHelp, and I've gotten some pretty good answers.

Ca y est : la Global a ralenti... C'est inexplicable...


#AdminNeedHelp well I don't really need help, it's just a question. =P

Does someone know how to change the 500.html message "we're sorry an error occured" to "currently updating" ?

I thought about renaming "500.html" to "error.html", then make a symbolic link named "500.html", which I would change myself to "updating.html" when wanted.

I can see a lot a flaws with this method, if there's an update to 500.html it won't write in the correct file.
This, and also it's a terrible workaround.


2/2 That patch you linked would fix but the pull request seems to have been rejected due to some issue. I'm leery of adding it and breaking something somewhere else in the application.



This is what I have

Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self'; style-src 'self'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; img-src 'self' data:; connect-src 'self' wss://; font-src 'self'; frame-ancestors 'none'; media-src 'self';

If I don't put "unsafe-inline" under "script-src" then React won't start on the page. 1/2


Is there a way to remove a PubSubHubbub subscription? I think there is a bad server on the list affecting my instance getting toots from .social. On the list of subscriptions, .social is the only instance below one that hasn't synced for two days.

@le That @ErdMutter chap has a point! Try tooting with the hashtags #NeedHelp #AdminNeedHelp - there are loads of helpful folk out there.

(Sorry for being smug :( )