"ZFS helps cope with one of the most dangerous things sysadmins do. No, not our eating habits. No, not a lack of exercise."

"If someone is so daft as to request an account on my systems, I treat them with all the respect they deserve: none."

'Many sysadmins read this as:

“-f makes this problem go away.”

What ZFS is really saying, though, is:

“Your command line is a mistake. Add -f to do something unfixable, unmaintainable, and harmful to system stability.”'

"Once you’ve used a serial console for a while, it won’t matter if the machine is on the other side of the world or the other side of the room; getting out of your chair merely to access the console will feel like too much work."

"One could increase UFS' reserved space percentage to make a filesystem appear extra full, thus emphasizing the urgency of your manager ramming the new disk purchase through Purchasing. But that would be wrong."

"In the first edition of this book, I said using fsdb(8) and clri(8) was like climbing Mount Everest in sandals and shorts. Really, it’s like you’re carrying the sherpa too, except the sherpa’s a chubby author who eats too much gelato and is wearing a really heavy coat because Everest is even colder than his native Michigan." -

" has about 200 networking-related sysctls. You have all the tools you need to optimize your system so greatly that it no longer passes any traffic at all."

"The original engineers of IPv4 thought that 4.29 billion IP addresses would be enough for the whole world. Computers were expensive, after all, and only military and educational systems connected to the Internet. It’s not as if every person in the world would one day own multiple networked devices.


"If you still retain any of that knowledge, discard it in favor of something more useful, like the biographies of all the actors who have appeared in any capacity in classic Doctor Who."

"Once upon a time, a sysadmin could make assumptions about a disk based on the information it provided. Those days are long, long past. Today a disk is pretty much a magic box that regurgitates data on request. Some of those magic boxes have spinning platters in them. Others are solid state. The magic boxes provide numbered sectors that you can put a filesystem on. The relationship between those numbers and the contents of the box? That’s magic, inscrutable and unknowable."

Thinking I need to write a Samuel L Jackson version of .

"Update the goddamn BIOS, m***********."

Today's quote:

# freebsd-update -f /etc/jail-freebsd-update.conf -b /jail/test/ --currently-running `jexec -l test freebsd-version` fetch install

'This book could be described as “a not even nearly comprehensive list of things to worry about.” This right here is the only counterexample.'

1700 words on today. Now some .

"Banks don’t accept bearer bonds full of bullet holes. Or bloodstains. Trust me, I’ve tried."

uses Python 3.7. Because by the time this book hits print, it will be.

"No, wait, don’t scream, it’s much better than it sounds."

"For decades I threatened violence on anyone who named their software NG or Next Generation. The name’s designed to go obsolete. I’ve reluctantly concluded that I just don’t have enough violence to go around."